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{August 4, 2010}   Femulate … to be who I am

Femulate: To imitate, try, to copy, to be like a female.

Some definition huh? For some it is that. For some it is more.

For me it is to be myself.

Pretty much always I walk, talk, and carry myself as a female. When I dress in heels and hose and dresses I may just kick it up a notch, sure.

But the me you see is the me there is. Not distinct male vs female personnas, just one … me.

Since I express my feminine side every day, then why do I dress? well I enjoy being myself, fully.

I enjoy being in clothes that are, well made for me.

An I am lucky too cause when I dress I merge with the crowd, I still fit as an older woman … just as I passed as a younger one.

I am a woman and I do like like women’s clothes.

I am not and never have been big on looking like a man, cause frankly it was hard to be what you are not.

My walk, talk, love of bright clothes is not anything like the males I grew up around or worked with.

To be anything other than a woman would be pure desolation and make me very very sad.

Being a woman is well … liberating!


harry sparshott says:

I love everything about be feminine. Inonly wish that I could pass and live 24-7 as a very feminine female. Completely shaven, and always wear bra, full slip, half slip with stocking, and light make-up. I go as far as I can and be accepted in public without raising to many red flags.

harry sparshott says:

Being transgendered is simply wonderful. I love everything about my feminity, and only want to develop more and more feminine.

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